Monday 27 February 2012

Misbah Sinks the Ship Again as Pakistan lose T20 Series to England 27/2/2012

Absolutely disgraceful performance from Pakistan. Really annoying for fans to see Pakistan make a mess of chasing 130 in a 20 over game.

Misbah needs to seriously rethink his approach, every time he comes in, even if Pakistan are ahead of the required rate, he slows everything down trying to save wickets which wasn't even needed today, after steadying the ship he then gradually sinks it. Him playing in slow motion, means that the incoming batsmen walk into a pressure situation and they come in and press the panic button even harder. Misbah is digging a hole for them to jump in to. It's a shame because Misbah is a talented batsman and he has the ability to play positively if he plays his natural game, but for some reason he is constantly being over cautious and trying to save his wicket and in the process he slows the game down too much. Sometimes it is required because Pakistan have lost quick wickets and some steady batting is needed but the same approach cannot be applied to every single game and especially not in T20 Cricket.

Taking it to the end and then not being able to hit the big shots is something he has done too often. Why take it to the end all the time? If you come in and things are going well, then continue with the momentum, why slow things down and then strangle yourself. Especially with such an easy target like this one. Misbah has done it many times in the past, the World Cup Semi Final in 2011 against India is just one other example.

Hammad Azam should have come in a lot earlier, Afridi should have come in earlier, but they didn't get a chance to save Pakistan till it was too late, all because Misbah tried to convert the game from an easy one to a tight game without any real reason.

Umar Akmal needs to stay miles away from the Pakistan team, T20 or ODI, no space for players who perform once a year and never do it when the team really needs them. Umar Akmal has been in the side for a few years, he is young and talented but he rarely delivers a good performance, he needs time away from the international side which he should use to improve his attitude and lift his game. Misbah should only be Test Captain as his defensive approach has more value in that form of the game and he is doing well, he should continue playing in the ODI game and retire from T20 Cricket.

Afridi should be captain of the ODI and T20 side. Fielding has to improve and attitudes need to change, players need to be given some basic cricket intelligence classes so they have some kind of cricket knowledge in their big empty heads.

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