Tuesday 11 July 2017

Social Activist Chaudhary Basharat Shot Dead

Tragic News from Dadyal: Social Activist, Chaudhary Basharat of Dagaar, has been shot dead near Sudhal Morr. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it to Rawalpindi for treatment and breathed his last whilst en route, near Kallar Syedan. It is believed that the murder is linked to an ongoing land dispute. Chaudhary Basharat will be remembered for the contribution he made to society through the work he did to take Dadyal towards a brighter future. He is sadly no longer in this world but his message will stay with us and continue to retain its importance. Chaudhary Basharat was interviewed by Dadyal Online in 2013. He shared his thoughts on a range of issues. Video at link: Chaudhary Basharat Interview

Friday 7 July 2017

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