Thursday 9 February 2012

Bollywood Actor Amir Khan calls for Film Revival in Kashmir

Srinagar: Bollywood icon, Mr. Perfect, Amir Khan on Thursday praised the beauty of Kashmir and hoped that film makers must consider this place again for film making like the good old times.

"I have come to Kashmir after more than 10 years. Last time I came here to shoot 'Mann' (in 1999). The place is wonderful; the people are nice and hospitable. I hope Bollywood starts shooting films here like the good old times. My uncle (Nasir Husain) used to shoot his films in Kashmir," Mr perfect said.'

He said that he was on personal visit to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir.

"I am on a pleasure trip here and I want to visit all the famous tourist resorts of Kashmir including the famous Dal Lake," Amir told Agence India Press.

Aamir said he has not come to shoot here for any movie.

Aamir Khan said that he felt sorry for not visiting Kashmir Valley when he was shooting for the movie “3 Idiots” in Ladakh.

"We went directly to Leh to shoot `3 Idiots` and I did not get an opportunity to visit the valley that time," said the veteran 46 year-old actor.

“There was a time when almost all the movies of Bollywood were shot in the Valley.

I hope that time has come and I wish more and more film makers start visiting Kashmir to shoot their movies. Kashmir is really a paradise and there is no need to visit any other place when you visit Kashmir,"he said.

Aamir Khan also prayed for the well being of star cricketer Yuvraj Singh who is currently battling lung-cancer, quoting for his quick recovery, he said, "He is a great fighter. My prayers go out for his quick recovery so that he returns to where he belongs, to the cricket field." (AIPNEWS)

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