Tuesday 13 March 2012

The Importance of Namaz

When we have a meeting with our boss or manager, we do everything possible to make sure that we don't miss it. We inform friends and relatives in advance that we have an important meeting, so they don't disturb us.

Namaz (prayer) is like a meeting with Allah (Swt) yet it gets neglected and is not given priority amongst other tasks (the cricket match on TV, work, going out with friends, shopping, etc.).

So why do we make sure that we don't miss the meeting with the manager? Because we are worried that if we miss it, we might lose our job and our income will stop.

What makes us think that the manager is in control of our income and our job?

The truth is that the manager is not even in control of his own job, let alone our job.

We need to remind ourselves all the time, that it is ALLAH (SWT) that Is in Control of Everything. So how can we possibly afford to miss Namaz? A meeting with the Creator, the One that Gave us Life, the One that Gave us the ability to breathe, to walk, to think, to smile, to cry, to touch, to feel, to eat, to drink, to sleep, to love, and everything we have is from ALLAH (SWT). Every family member, every friend, the presence of each and every person in your life, everything is from ALLAH (SWT).

Every single penny you earn, that food on your plate, that money in your bank, that car outside your house, that laptop, that phone, everything is there because of ALLAH (SWT) and He is the One that is in Control.

If we are afraid to lose a job and that fear means that we don't miss a meeting with our manager, then surely we must realise that there is a much bigger price to pay if we fail to offer Namaz (prayer) as we have been Commanded by Allah (Swt).

I pray that we all can make Namaz an important part of our everyday lives, make all other tasks fit in around Namaz, because Namaz is the key to success, once you start praying you will see everything else in life gradually falls into place. It doesn't take much of your time and it will make you stronger as a person, give you discipline, help you to get things done, be positive, be stronger, and be successful. So don't wait till later or delay, let Namaz come in to your life from now.....

You will still be in the same world, there will still be bad influences, you will not become a perfect Muslim, but Namaz will act like your shield and protect you against all enemies and protect you from sins. Make this your goal in life, this is one habit that will make your life into something much better Inshaa Allah.....

Sameer - Dadyal Online

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