Sunday 21 March 2021

Nadra Card NICOP Renewal Cost UK


There is often confusion around the exact cost of renewing a NICOP ID card so we thought we would clarify this matter. Several websites act as a middle agent so they charge additional fees since they assist in the application process. The fee here is for direct applications i.e. you apply via the official Nadra website which can be found at:

In UK, it costs 49 US Dollars to renew a Pakistani ID Card (NICOP) for Overseas Pakistanis. You will also be charged a small fee by your bank for handling this Non-British currency transaction. The fee will vary depending upon the exchange rate (pound to dollar). In March 2021, the cost was £35.51 and the bank fee charged was £1.56 -  making the total cost of NICOP renewal £37.07. 

For details of other fees e.g. to create a new ID card, please check on the Nadra website. However, there are several links associated with official websites that have conflicting prices and it can become difficult to work out what the up to date fees are. The best way to find out the fee is to start an application as the rates listed on other pages may not be accurate. Renewal applications are charged upfront i.e. you may pay at the start of the application. 

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