Tuesday 7 February 2012

Jaffarabad Housing Project Launched in Dadyal

A new housing project has been launched in Dadyal. If the project is successfully delivered, it can prove to be an ideal solution for those who prefer not to invest their time and effort in building a property from scratch, going through the hassle of buying land if required, and for those who would like more security and privacy during their trips to Dadyal. The area will be known as Jaffarabad and is situated nearby Dadyal Bazaar and Dadyal Police Station, near the Yamaha showroom (see map below). Here is some information from the Jaffarabad Project website (www.jaffarabad.net):

Owning your own house where it matters the most has been made easy with the launch of Jaffarabad. We know it’s not possible for everyone to take time out of their hectic lives to overlook and build their ideal home. It is our aim to turn your dream of owning your own home here, that opens up a world of comfort and luxury for you and your family in to reality , and at a price that offers great value for money.

Set in the picturesque surroundings of Dadyal first of its kind housing project and shall remain one of a kind always. In a safe and secure location , modern and elegant villas waiting for you to make them your home.

The development consists of 19 beautifully, yet practically designed villas and 9 luxury apartments.

Choose the size and style of Villa that appeals to you the most.

The apartments comprise of three bedrooms and have been designed ensuring the best use of space.

Work has already begun on the project at a very fast pace. Foundations have been laid for the villas as well as Jaffar Heights 1. Please enquire for booking information and prices.

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