Dadyal Online Foundation

Dadyal Online Foundation is a charity which has been supporting deserving families in the Dadyal region of Azad Kashmir, since 2011. Our main project is the Atta Project, through which we provide monthly food packages to families in need. We visit families and interview them before issuing a food card. Once approved, they can collect a free monthly food package from a chosen store in Dadyal. The store owner issues a monthly bill which is paid by our team.

Food packages are only given to approved and registered families. This is to ensure that support is provided where it is most needed. The food package consists of a variety of essential food products including flour, rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil and various lentils and pulses.

We also work on other projects, ranging from building homes for poor families to helping with emergency medical treatment costs. In 2013, we built a small home for a poor family in the Ambh area of Dadyal. Click here to view a video of the Ambh Home project. In 2012, we provided desks and chairs to a school where children previously had to sit on the floor. Click here to see a video summary.

In 2021, we helped to pay the medical bills of a diabetic man who was in urgent need of treatment at a hospital in Mirpur. The patient's family kept us updated throughout, sending us medical receipts, as well as notes from doctors. Unfortunately, the patient's foot had to be amputated, in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. However, he managed to recover from hospitalisation, despite having been unconscious for a few days.

We have also helped deserving students with academic fees and essential equipment, for example, we collected money to buy a laptop for a student to pursue an online degree.

The Atta Project (food packages) is ongoing. Other projects are done based on need. We are grateful to all those who have donated to our projects, in particular, our Facebook followers who have always supported our projects and given us the encouragement to continue the hard work.

You can donate via our UK bank account:

Dadyal Online Foundation - Lloyds Bank

Account No: 720 913 60

Sort Code: 30-99-50

Please contact us if you would like to donate from abroad (outside of UK) so we can send you our IBAN details. 

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