Thursday 17 November 2011

Save Yourself from Lying

Allah is with those who speak the truth, not with those who lie.

Always be honest even if it seems that you will lose out, because in reality those who always say the truth will not lose out.

One lie leads to another, and before you know it, you become a liar, and this will ruin your character.

Allah Dislikes the people that lie, so save yourself from this disease, as it can ruin you.

A very simple message, something that Islam tells us, but we must always remind ourselves. Like a good student always keeps revising his work before the exam, like a good cricketer continues to practice even when he is in good form, etc. Always remind yourself and others.

Islam is a simple religion, we just make it complicated. Allah (swt) Gave us Guidelines so that we can live a better life, not to Confuse or Complicate things for us.

Sometimes people lie and they say they are 'majboor' i.e. they don't have any choice, but those people that were closest to Allah (swt) they would not lie even if it meant that somebody would kill them. Can you imagine that level of Imaan, and today we lie over small things and lying becomes a normal thing for many people.

For example, we sell a car and the person buying it asks us if anything is wrong, we think if we tell him then he/she will give less money, so for money we are ready to lie/fool/deceive someone.

Where is our Imaan? Do we not Trust in we not realise that HE is the One that is keeping us going in life, whether it is our health or our wealth, ALLAH IS THE ONE IN CONTROL, so how can we do something He Hates so much i.e. lie.

Sameer - Dadyal Online

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