Monday 14 November 2011

Islamic Alphabet A-Z

A is for ALLAH

B is for Bismillah

C for Concentrate only on the right path, and staying away from 
following the Satanic footsteps.

D for Dua'a for everyone to do better in this life, and a peaceful ending and Hereafter. Ameen.

E for Eternal blessed life may we all get Jannah when we die. Ameen.

F for Faith in ONE ALLAH and His Final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh).

G for Grave may ALLAH protect us from its 
darkness and open its window to Jannah.

H for Honour everyone with love and respect so you 
be honoured by ALLAH.

I for ISLAM the only true and best religion.

J for Jihad, struggling for the Sake of Allah.

K for Kill all the evil desires raised in our hearts by 
Satan and be strong in faith.

L for "La ilaha illa Allahu,Muhammad ur-rasul ALLAH" 
heartbeat of every Muslim.

M for Muhammad (pbuh) the best human, for whom 
ALLAH made this entire universe.

N for Nourish your soul with loads of Ibadah and extra 

O for ONE Life and ONE Death so make this life so 
pure, our next life be full of peace.

P for Peace, Peace and only Peace and we should be 
proud to be Muslims.

Q for Qur'an which we must recite daily and 
understand and implement in daily life.

R for Riba means INTEREST which is illegal in 

S for Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)which 
we will follow In shaa'Allah.

T for Truth which leads to a peaceful life.

U for Un-blessed people who disgrace and don't 
respect their parents.

V for Victory of ISLAM Insha'Allah.

W for Watch which way you're going in this world, are 
you sure it will lead to Jannah?

X for Xerox means copy The Qur'an in your and 
heart and follow the Sunnah.

Y for YA-ALLAH our ONLY Saviour in this world and in the Hereafter.

Z for Zealous towards Islam and bring new hope for a 
blessed life in both worlds.

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