Sunday 1 July 2012

Youngsters of Dadyal are in Need of Emotional Support

Something has to be done to help the youngsters of Dadyal. Suicide is becoming common, I've heard so many stories over the last year or so. I think we need counselling for locals, some kind of group they can turn to for advice and help. Community leaders are failing us in this regard, they're too busy counting how many times they've read something, they don't help people and discuss serious and real issues that affect the youth.

Sometimes I feel if there was someone to talk to, these lives could have been saved. People need hope, times are hard and people have a lot of stress, youngsters need encouragement, the elders are letting them down in some ways. The elders only see money, status and moving forward, life is not a race, don't make it into one otherwise you'll ruin it. Don't put pressure on your children, don't compare them with others, every person is unique, let people live freely and learn with time and experience, don't chain them with expectations and ruin them with vicious comments. Life is a gift, treat it like one.

Sameer - Dadyal Online

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