Monday 30 July 2012

Dead body of Earthquake affected Kashmiri recovered after Seven years

Muzaffarabad (July 2012)
: A dead body of earthquake affected person has been recovered after seven year and eight months from Muzzafarabad, he was killed in result of earthquake of October 2005 in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

The dead body has been recovered beneath the debris of destroyed building of the old jail at bank road Muzaffarabad on Thursday. Police said that the dead body has been recovered during digging for construction, adding that body is not identifiable as only its Skelton remaining. A shawl and Tasbeeh has been found near the dead body however the identification of body is impossible through recovered material. Therefore after autopsy of the dead body, it has been declared as unknown and authorities have buried it.

The building of Muzaffarabad Jail had been completely destroyed in the disastrous earthquake of October, 08. Superintendent of Muzaffarabad Jail Liaqat Hussain Naqvi said that fifteen persons had been killed and approximately one hundred prisoners managed to flee from jail during earthquake. Further he told that out of those, sixty people have come back, remaining are still missing.

It is worth mentioning here that more than 70 thousands people of Azad Jammu Kashmir and Northern Areas of Pakistan were killed in earthquake of October 08, 2005. The officials of Azad Kashmir have no record regarding the missing persons. After the earthquake the dead bodies had been recovered from different areas.

As per the details, two and half years ago in January 2010, the seventeen dead bodies had been found from destroyed bus that was destroyed in result of earthquake near Muzaffarabad. Prior to this, in 2009, one dead body had been found under beneath of debris near Muzaffarabad. While in February 2007, two dead bodies of women were recovered beneath the debris in Chakothi, after that in 2009 a dead body was recovered beneath the debris in Muzaffarabad.

After the eight months of earthquake, eighteen dead bodies had been recovered from a smashed bus from Chal Pani near Muzaffarabad.

Reported by South Asian News Agency

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