Tuesday 24 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 Protest Against Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Protest against Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) to be held in London (UK) on Sunday 5th August 2012. The protest is to take place at the same time as India play Pakistan in a game of Hockey at the London Olympics 2012. For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/342027502540966/

We wish India and Pakistan all the best for the Olympic games but ask your support in telling them loud and clear to stop playing with the lives of 15 million people in Kashmir. All those who watched the recent Channel 4  (British Media) documentary 'Kashmir's Torture Trail' were shocked by the severity of the torture techniques used by the Indian Army against innocent civilians in a desperate and deliberate attempt to strangle any hopes of freedom they have. 

Indian Occupied Kashmir is one of the most militarized place in the world where army civilian ratio stands at 70 to 1000 and upto 100,000 people are killed since the current uprising against Indian occupation in 1987. Laws such as Armed Forces Special Power Act adds into the suppression of civilians of which over 8,000 are found buried in unmarked graves. As documented by the recent Channel 4 documentary 'Kashmir's Torture Trail' and Guardian write-ups, torture is used by the Indian Army to get confessions out of innocent people and terrorize civilians including women and children. 

We are asking support from all people of Britain and others coming to enjoy the Olympics to please ask your governments, parliaments and human rights organisations, trade unions, associations and campaigns etc. to exert pressure on the Indian government to withdraw their occupying armies from Kashmir and let the people of the state decide their future independently.

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