Tuesday 24 January 2012

Why do we follow the crowd without knowing where it's going?

How does something bad spread and then become common to the extent that people question why it was labelled as wrong in the first place?

One person starts it, another imitates, then a few more follow, before we know it, everybody starts doing it.....

The reality is that everybody in the world can get together and do something wrong, but it still won't become right. We can chase our desires as much as we like but eventually we will be left chasing. A million lies cannot hide or cover up the truth, pretending to change the rules doesn't change them. Convincing ourselves that there is nothing wrong with something that is wrong, will not make it right..

What we don't realise is that the only person we are fooling is the one we see in the mirror.

We have to constantly learn to question ourselves, don't let yourself be a slave of your desires or a slave of society, be the person that you deserve to be. Bring out the best person that you can be, don't let yourself fade away in the ocean of loss....don't fool yourself and continue on the wrong path by saying everything will be alright. Don't live in an illusion, open your eyes and see what is wrong and what is right, what is good and what should be avoided, it's your life, be in control.

I sometimes wonder, why do people like to follow others without realising where they might end up? Why are we racing without seeing the finishing line?

Sameer Hussain - Admin Dadyal Online

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