Saturday 28 January 2012

Pakistan defeat England in Abu Dhabi 2nd Test 28/01/12

Pakistan wins Test Series against England after taking a 2-0 lead in a 3-match series. After years of seeing the team struggle and lose against England, especially in Test cricket, this is a great moment for Pakistan Cricket fans. It comes as a great relief for Pakistan, especially after the match-fixing controversy which took place the last time these sides met in a Test series. The incident in 2010 which led to a few Pakistani players being put behind bars (rightly so) ruined the image of Pakistan cricket and damaged the reputation of Cricket as a sport. Pakistan proved that they don't need dishonest players, no matter how good they are, they'd rather lose with honesty than have corrupted players. Thanks to Allah, the honest players took over the team and they have given the Pakistan flag a reason to fly high today!

It has come at an amazing time, England are ranked as number one Test team in the world and Pakistan are much lower in the rankings, England don't know what has hit them. England have arguably the best batting side in the world, if we consider not only skill, but also temperament and attitude. A superb, memorable and historic win for Pakistan and a great day for fans of Test Cricket.

Misbah deserves a lot of credit, he has a different attitude, a unique style, he sticks to his plans despite criticism. The 'stay out there and struggle' attitude shown by Asad Shafiq and Azhar Ali is what kept the game within reach, that is rare for a Pakistani side to show fight especially in the batting department. Brilliant spin bowling, I don't think technique or talent can save a batsman too often when the bowling is of that standard. 

Sameer Hussain

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