Friday 13 January 2012

Black Day on January 26th in Kashmir

Kashmiris dwelling on both sides of the line of control and in other parts of the world will observe the Indian Republic Day, falling on January 26, as black day to invite the attention of the international community towards the continued illegal and forcible occupation of Jammu & Kashmir by India.

In Azad Jammu & Kashmir, preparations are under way to hold protest rallies and demonstrations in all ten districts of the liberated territory. These protest marches and rallies will be the hallmark of the scheduled black day.

The day also marks complete solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. The protest rallies are arranged by various social, political and public representative organizations representing people from all spheres of life including lawyers, journalists, members of the business community, laborers, students, women and social and political workers. In Mirpur, a major protest rally is scheduled to be held at the District Courts premises, organizers confirmed.

News Report by The Express Tribune

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