Tuesday 19 July 2011

Do Dil Jo Nahin Mil Saktey

Zaara: Yaar, Aamir tum Dadyal aa ke itnay badal gaye ho?

Aamir: Kya matlab, what do you mean?

Zaara: I mean you really wanted to marry me when we studied together at University, but now you seem to have changed.

Aamir: Dekho main tumse pehlay bhi keh chuka hoon ke mere liye ammi abba ki khushi se zyada zaroori aur kuch bhi nahin hai. Tum achi tarah se jaanti ho ke woh meri shaadi tumharey saath nahin honey denge.

Zaara: Sirf is liye ke meri kaum alag hai, itni si baat hai?

Aamir: You won't understand Zaara, we are young, they are our elders, we must listen to them.

Zaara: Even if they are in the wrong?

Aamir: Mom and Dad want the best for me, they don't want me to marry a errmmm, sorry....

Zaara: Look, why don't you just say it, they don't want you to marry from a Raja family.

Aamir: Miki ni pata Raja kay ona thay Chaudhary kay cheez oni, lekin miki aye pata yah ke ammi abba apni jaan di shorsan lekin assan do ni shaadi ni karwaan lagey.

Zaara: So what happened to all that time we made promises to one another?

Aamir: I'm sorry Zaara, but I am totally helpless, do you want me to humiliate my mother and my father?

Zaara: What is our religion?

Aamir: Islam obviously and yes I know there is no caste system in Islam but you try to explain that to the elders around here.

Zaara: Main kuch nahin jaanti Aamir, main sirf tumse shaadi karna chahti hoon.

Aamir: You have to understand, I have no choice in this, they have found me a nice girl in the family and I will spend my life with her.

Zaara: To phir mera kya hoga?

Aamir: Please don't make this more difficult for me....

Zaara: Chalo teek hai tum mujhey chor do, tumharey liye ahsaan hoga lekin mere liye mushkil hai tumhay bhulana.

Aamir: Maine bahut koshish ki hai, ammi ko samjhaney ki, abba se bhi baat ki. Chachu ne kaha ke agar maine kaum se bahar shaadi ki to woh mujhey family se door kar denge.

Zaara: We are living in 2011, can you believe that we are having this conversation?

Aamir: We are in 2011 but the thoughts and attitudes of people in our villages have not changed over the years.

Zaara: I don't understand, what is it that makes us different? I am from a Raja family and you are from a Chaudhary family, but we hold the same religious beliefs, we are from the same village, we eat the same food, we are so similar that it's unbelievable, isn't this just a tag or a label?

Aamir: Look, I'm against the caste system and you know that very well, I have failed to convince mom and dad so I cannot marry you. Please try to understand my decision.

Zaara: What is it that makes a Raja different to a Chaudhary? Why do your parents think badly of Raja families? Aren't we all brothers and sisters in Islam? Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us to be united as Muslims and to be one community. Why do our brothers and our fathers pray together in the Masjid and why do they hug one another on Eid? Then when it comes to marriage, they are not one, they won't allow marriages with Muslims of a different caste. This whole thing makes me sick, angry and frustrated.

Aamir: I totally agree with what you are saying, but I cannot leave my mother and father because I love them and it would be disrespectful of me to turn away from them.

Zaara: Ok, thanks for all the memories, I am leaving now, and won't ever come back into your life. Khuda Hafiz Aamir, hope you have a good life.

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