Wednesday 27 July 2011

Azad Kashmir and British Kashmiri Diaspora - By Shams Rehman

Dadyal Online recommends that you read this 328-page book (click here to buy) by Shams Rehman. Here is some information regarding this book:

While the focus of most writing on Kashmir recently has been rightly on the Valley of Kashmir due to the intensity of confrontation with the Indian state there, it has created an impression that all is well in 'Azad' Kashmir, the Pakistani controlled part of Kashmir. This collection focuses on this other Kashmir especially on the rebirth of independence politics and how it has grown into a transnational phenomenon through 'Azad' Kashmiri diaspora in Britain where the movement for independence has contributed significantly in shaping the Kashmiri identity distinct from the Indian and Pakistani identities imposed by the Indian and Pakistani governments and subsequently by the British academia and the state. The collection is aimed to contribute in the general awareness of interested social science students and political activists about the nature of independent Kashmir perspective that has so far been subdued by the Indian and Pakistani nationalist discourses. It is also expected to generate some serious debate on the challenges of multiplicity and pluralism that independence politics and Kashmiri identity is currently facing across the division line in Kashmir and diaspora.

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