Wednesday 12 December 2012

Noman Kamal Defends His Political Activities

Politics, 12th December 2012
: Noman Kamal has been accused of not being loyal to his party PML-N after he has been working closely with Overseas Minister Wajid ur Rehman (PPP) to encourage Overseas Kashmiri's to share their concerns and engage in dialogue with the Overseas Minister. Noman Kamal defended his stance by arguing that in politics you have to work with everyone to help the people. He said that you cannot sit at home and give statements, you have to come out and meet people and listen to them and do your best to solve their problems. If you work with other parties to serve your people then there is nothing wrong with that. Raja Noman Kamal is known for challenging the status quo and thinking of new ways to succeed in politics. In the 2011 Dadyal Elections, he went against the idea of Baradri-ism by leaving his party and joining Chaudhary Masood Khalid. This kind of attitude and approach to politics was welcomed in particular by the young generation amongst whom Noman's popularity is increasing by the day.

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