Wednesday 10 October 2012

Kashmir College Director Samar Azeem in Blackmailing Controversy

Dadyal: Tomorrow morning (11th October 2012), there will be a Protest (Jaloos) in Dadyal against Samar Azeem, who is the owner of Kashmir College in Dadyal. There are allegations against him that he has been caught blackmailing a few Female students. At this stage, we don't know what the truth is, but there are a lot of people in Dadyal who are angry about what might have been happening.

Samar is from Faisalabad and has been in Dadyal for a few years now. He initially worked at another college and has since started his own academic institution where various courses and training is on offer. He has qualifications from Lahore, including a Masters degree in Information Technology. Some believe that he has fake degrees and qualifications and he is using them to make money out of people in Dadyal.

Another accusation is that he has taken big amounts of money (bribes) to give out fake certificates (for English tests) which have later been rejected by UKBA for UK visas. The allegation is that he phoned a few female students and started an affair with them, keeping a recording of the calls. Later, he blackmailed those girls and asked for big amounts of money, threatening to publicise their calls if they didn't pay him.

A lot of senior people in Dadyal are threatening action against him and have made it clear that this kind of thing will not be tolerated in Dadyal. However, on the other hand, some people hold the opinion that this is a false allegation, and because Samar Azeem's College is doing well, certain people want him to get a bad name and close his College down. Samar is a family man who is respected by many of his students. This kind of allegation against him will damage his reputation significantly if proven to be true.

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