Monday 8 October 2012

Ego and Arrogance: Killers of Goodness

We live in times where people have sadly become very shallow.

Somebody has an ego because they are good looking, somebody has an ego because they have a nice car, somebody has an ego because they own a big business, somebody has an ego because they are from a high caste, somebody has an ego because they have a special talent, somebody has en ego because they are intelligent, somebody has an ego because they have a big house, somebody has an ego because they are a leader, somebody has an ego because they are famous...

 ....yet ego and arrogance are the worst characteristics you can have!

However, some people will never have an ego because they realise that everything they have is a gift from Allah (Swt) and it has been Given to them for a limited period of time. What is permanent in this life? When life itself is temporary. Where are the celebrities of the 1940's? Do they still have what they had at one time?

Never ever be arrogant or look down on others, always be someone who gives people chances, listen to others, show empathy, help people, give people hope, even those who hate you - don't hate them back just ignore them, there is nothing to gain from hating on others, it just puts your heart in a bad state.

Today in our community, we have people who have lost their morals, some are not even earning a halal income, their kids are out of control, they are leading the way in sinning......BUT they have arrogance and ego.....just because of their caste......we are XYZ caste........or just because of their big house or because of some other silly reason.....

It's sad to see but this is a reality, we have become so lost that we try to cover our failure to be good people with big names and big money or whatever else......instead we need to be humble and simple people, realise that we are normal people and try our best to improve ourselves and do good....and liberate ourselves from the attitude that makes us do things to show other people....often people we don't even like....

Remember Allah (Swt) Looks at the condition of your heart, not your status, your wealth, your caste, your cars or your good looks! So get your priorities right, only then will you be truly successful in life.

Be genuinely good people with clean and pure hearts, not people who do everything to show that they are good from the outside but allow their inner self to become shallow.

Written by Sameer Hussain (Dadyal Online)

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