Sunday 5 August 2012

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Marries Khadeejah (RA)

Khadeejah (ra) was a resolute, intelligent and noble woman, when she heard what her slave Maisarah had to say about the character of the Prophet (saw) after he completed a successful business trip, she sent a message to the Messenger of Allah (saw) saying:

"O, cousin! I have conceived a desire to marry you, due to your kinship, your nobility among your people, your trustworthiness, your good character and your truthfulness."

After Khadijah (ra) had presented her proposal to the Messenger of Allah (saw), he informed his uncles of what she had said and they agreed to his marriage with her.

The marriage then took place and the Prophet (saw) presented her with a dowry of 20 camels. She was the first woman the Prophet (saw) married.

He was 25 years of age, while she was 40 years old.

Their marriage was a blessed one and the Messenger of Allah (saw) was an exemplary husband, loyal and kind, he treated his wife well and was very affectionate towards her.

He never disagreed with her in anything which she liked. She was also an exemplary wife, loyal and eager to provide ease and repose for her husband and to please him.

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