Saturday 25 August 2012

Man Murdered in Dadyal at Home with Axe

Tragic News from Dadyal: Man murdered whilst at home. A man has been murdered using an Axe while he was alone at home. At 6 O'Clock a man went to get milk from the house and he saw the dead body and called neighbours and then informed the police later on. A post mortem has been done.

It is not known who killed the man in such a brutal manner (face covered with wounds from axe) or for what reason. The man who was murdered did have an ongoing land dispute (confirmed by a relative) but at this stage the cause of the murder is not known. The family of the murdered man went to Pakistan today from UK.

I have blurred the image out above, I cannot believe how local media published this photo, I can't even describe how I feel after seeing the photo. 

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