Thursday 21 January 2016

David Cameron's Attack on Muslim Women Unjustified

Learning English or any language for that matter is a good thing. However, to threaten a group of individuals that they'll be thrown out of a country because of their language skills is unacceptable and not reflective of a society which encourages equal rights and opportunities for all.
I am not aware of any country which has such a law in place. Can you imagine having to do a language test at airports before entering a country? If we decide to throw out people who cannot speak English, will we do the same to those who lack in Mathematical ability? Maths is also important in one's everyday life. Do we set a certain level of English which is acceptable? Where do we draw the line?
David Cameron's attack on Muslim women makes it clear that this isn't about language skills but this is about singling out a community. There are men and women of other religions and nationalities who struggle with English. Why didn't he mention them?
Our elders came to this country without knowing a word of English yet they managed to establish themselves through hard work and dedication. I am not against the concept of people learning English but I oppose discrimination against those who can't speak it fluently.
A few years ago, I was suffering from a serious back problem. I received help from a Chinese doctor (private) who struggled with the English language. I found it difficult to communicate with her but at the end of the day, she was the one who helped me to recover. The English speaking doctors (NHS) couldn't do much to help me. Therefore, let's not judge people on their language skills alone. There are people who can't speak English well but they make a positive contribution to society.
It's hypocritical of David Cameron to cut funds for English language courses and at the same time, insult those who can't speak the language. It's clear that the Conservatives want to establish a society in which the privileged and educated are given priority at all times. However, Britain is what it is today because of hard working people of all social backgrounds and that includes our elders who worked long and hard hours in factories - making a contribution to Britain, without knowing a word of English.
Sameer Hussain, Dadyal Online. 

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