Sunday 21 July 2013

Foortal Pakistan's Online Food Street Offering Pizza for 1 Rupee

Foortal is Pakistan’s innovative online food ordering website which is growing in popularity and becoming a craze amongst the youth in particular. The concept is simple, wherever you are you can order yourself a meal via Foortal. You no longer have to hassle yourself, browsing through several websites, searching for the best deals and products. Foortal removes the head ache out of ordering food, it’s much better than repeating your order on the phone several times and still being misheard or receiving food you didn’t even order! 

You can even use the Android application on your smartphone to place your order. The Foortal team is packed with young and talented individuals; they know exactly what a Food Portal must offer to its customers. Recently, the ‘Rupiya Offer’ was a super hit across Pakistan with record numbers of new customers registering on Foortal. The concept is amazing; you get yourself a Domino’s Pizza delivered for only 1 Rupee, yes that’s right – you only pay 1 Rupee. Only the first 50 people to order as soon as the offer becomes active, may take advantage of it, so the quickest and luckiest will take the deal. 

Some customers have expressed disappointment at missing out on the deal but it is to be repeated again and of course with such popular offers, a little bit of luck is needed to take the 1 Rs. Pizza! Foortal is the new face of Pakistan: innovative, dynamic and ready to serve customers in style. The variety is amazing, whether you’d like a Chicken Sandwich from Subway or Reshmi Kebabs from Lal Qila, Foortal is waiting for your order.

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