Wednesday 5 June 2013

Interview with Afsar Shahid Minister of Dadyal by Sameer Hussain of Dadyal Online

The Dadyal Online Afsar Shahid Interview

Dadyal Online ( presents an interview with Chaudhary Afsar Shahid MLA of Dadyal by Sameer Hussain in Birmingham, UK. June 3rd 2013. 

Part 1: Intro. & Purpose of Visit

Part 2: Achievements & Mirpur Airport

Part 3: Use of Zakat Funds

Part 4: Criminals targeting the British

Part 5: Electricity & Roads

Part 6: Not living in Dadyal as much

Part 7: Education in Dadyal

Part 8: Thanking Supporters in UK

Part 9: Politics, Rivals & Elections.

YouTube Link (full interview in one video):

Website Link:

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