Wednesday 16 January 2013

Response from Admin Khalid Mehmood on Staff Protests

Update on the protests that took place in Dadyal Bazaar Chowk a few days ago. The protests were held by workers from the Admin office. Message from Administrator of Dadyal, Chaudhary Khalid Mehmood: Sameer this is called injustice when it's a protest or strike then you need to contact both parties ,people behind the scenes were politically motivated ,I'm glad things got resolved so quick ,we are again as brothers now and a family ,but since it has been resolved I should not have to reply to this ,had you have done justice and put my motive and explanation in then I would not need to answer question to what has been resolved ,all senior staff were with me and sadly they don't belong to dadyal and they are the staff thet work with me till 8 - 9 pm 5 to seven days a week ,so I hope you understand ,this is not justice and please do not do one sided when its a dispute or strike Thanks You are a good person and my duty is to guide you

Can you also put them through to me as well ,I maintain all records since I took over the two members clearly concerned are nothing but trouble causers any body wishing to read the reasons check the other photos ,they have a full reply ,maybe Sameer will copy and paste that reply on all photos so equality is maintained ,rightfully I should have been contacted for my response ,but happily the protest started at 9am and was resolved by 2.20 the demand was that the work station be refused by 6inches max both sides ,they should go home on time,b4 the time was 3pm to finish we gave them a dinner break from 1.15pm to 2pm still they would arrive 2.15 2.30 or not come bk ,finishing time got changed to 3.45

The good thing is that things were patched up on same day strike strarted 9am and finished at 2.20 we are a family again and inshah Allah work as a team. The reason for strike was I have told them public members are not allowed in clerical office when I told them for having them in ,made ,birth certificates were lying around ,my letter pad which I never knew existed was seen in the clerical staffs office and other senior staffs letter pad which shouldnot have been Yes what I did was that they didn't have enough chairs on in offices I made sure they had somewhere to do work,b4they came and went when they wanted ,now they have to come and go on time ,the cleaners never were allowed to sit on chairs but were made to sit on floor I gave them equal rite and gave them chairs to sit on ,they were never allowed in administraters office I allowed them in and gave them the same chairs to sit on ,they were not allowed to sit with normal staff and eat I allowed them to ,clerical staff were never allowed to eat with senior staff and administrater

I allowed them to eat with me ,the cleaners have 54 children between them there birth certificates were not made and never would have been I got them made for them and paid for them ,only a few have I'd cards I asked for there papers and told them that any paper work that needs to be made I will have it made for them and get there I'd cards made for them , when it was the wedding of one of the cleaners daughter I sent my government car for the bride never has anybody in history done that,no offices have u.p.s system I had that installed in my office so they have lighting ,no other office has net and wifi I had that installed so my staff can be trained on computers and use them , I took two computers to pk and had them installed in my office so they could be trained ,I have one lap top so technical staff can use that where ever they are ,I took 2still cameras so they can photographs for evidence whilst doing field work ,a took a mini camcorder so they can make movies of any work then they're able to use that in briefing ,

I have ensured that the staff are treated equally to all staff whether junior or senior ,every morning when I go to office I ensure that I meet every one of my staff starting from my watchman out side to all inside then I go to my office ,senior people don't eat and sit with junior admin and clerical staff I made sure I did ,when ever I decide to do any project I consult with all staff and take there suggestions on board nobody does that they only pass the orders down to be implemented ,I have employed an imam so we can read Zohar namaz together , I had 4 taps for wazoo no other office has them ,

I'm return I want work and progress and written reports weekly and filled never happened b4 ,I have a reception desk which notes what time staff came and left ,they note who came and who they saw never been done b4,on strike day the cleaners ,tracter driver what Ickes refuse up,some office small staff were all threatened to join them .these are all my mistakes small eg:one staff member two days before had his electric cut off he tried and others tried for him but didn't succeed , I was told a day b4 strike I called the head line man to my office directed them to instantly reinstate his electric and it was done next day he even joined them that's my mistake There were staff meetings held once a week for any questions and answers and about the on going work in the city but not once did they say that they had any issue its sorry but they have to get used to the fact that our office is just not about tea breaks and chit chat in the back office. It really is a shame after we treated each member with love and respect.

Ch. Khalid Mehmood Bhalote (Administrator Dadyal)

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