Thursday 29 November 2012

Dadyal Online Aarah School Desks Project

Dadyal Online is collecting money for Government Middle School Aarah which is near the Phone exchange and behind Dadyal Police Station. The money will be collected in UK and sent to Dadyal and all of it will be used to provide desks/chairs for the school in Aarah Dadyal. 

At the moment, the children sit on the floor as you can see in the photo. I am launching a small project in which we are going to buy desks/chairs for the 105 children that study at this school. We will need approximately 40 desks (each desk has chairs connected to it and has space for 3 children and storage room for books). We will be buying the desks from a place called Chechiyan (near Khurre Shareef). 

It will cost 3500-4000 Rupees to bring the desks to Dadyal, renting out a big van for the day. Each desk is 1350 Rs. Total estimated cost of Project is: 58,000 Rs. (£380). At the moment, we need to confirm the total cost as at this stage it's an estimated cost. My friend Rashad will be working on the project and we will be sharing photos/videos of the desks when they are in the school in Dadyal. School has 22 children studying Kayeeda, 16 in first class, 15 in second class, 20 in third class, 12 in fourth class and 20 in fifth class. Total 105 children. 

If you would like to donate then please send an e-mail to I will be working with Brother Jamil Ahmed in UK on this School Project to raise funds for the school.

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