Wednesday 19 September 2012

Chaudhary Qamar Murdered in Dadyal

Dadyal (19/09/12): Chaudhary Qamar (from Bahlote/Battroi) has been murdered outside Anees Marble Shop (Kacheri Road, Dadyal). Three others (the men who killed Ch Qamar) have been taken to Hospital in Mirpur as they are in a critical condition. He was murdered after a dispute to do with changing the tyres of a rental car. The three men from Punjab had rented a car from Ch Qamar (who has a Car Rental office in Dadyal) and they changed the tyres of the car without asking for permission to do so. This led to a quarrel between the two parties. It seemed as if the issue had been resolved but later the men targeted Ch Qamar when he was alone. Initially they attempted to crash into his car, then they opened fire on him and he died on the spot. The killers were also seriously injured in the incident and were taken to hospital in Mirpur.

It's a very tragic incident and questions the safety that we have in Dadyal because this is not the first time that bullets have been fired openly in the Bazaar. People must learn to resolve issues and disputes without violence and something must be done by authorities to stop guns from being used in this way. 

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