Thursday 7 June 2012

Drugs & Gang Culture is destroying the Kashmiri Youth in Britain

As Muslims, we are finding too many reasons to create tension amongst ourselves. Instead of uniting to become one force, we are constantly dividing ourselves. Be it in the name of caste, sect, social status or any other factor. It is a real shame that in a non-muslim country outside a Masjid, a Muslim kills another Muslim.

We must realise that our community faces many problems, the young generation is facing many issues in particular drugs/gang culture are ruining the lives of many individuals as well as their families, and the impact this has on the wider community is detrimental.

Think about it - drugs/alcohol have been declared HARAM by our Creator (ALLAH).

Who knows us better than ALLAH? Nobody.

The One that Made us Knows how we will behave when we consume alcohol and drugs. Surely, He Is Guiding us for our own benefit. Then why can we not see the Love He Has for us?

Why do we choose to follow our desires to the path of DESTRUCTION?

Our elders came to Britain for a better future, for an easier life, but if it means their children are going to be in gangs, selling drugs, stabbing one another, bringing shame to their families, then I say it's time to go back home - simple life is a better life. No point of wealth when you lose your dignity. You'd rather be poor and hungry than have kids that are walking drunk on the streets, taking drugs and doing all the sins that one can imagine.

The elders didn't see this day when they thought of the future, but I'm afraid this day has come and is a reality for many people in our community.


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