Monday 26 September 2011

Shocking News: 16-year Old Girl Raped in Dadyal

Shocking news from the Dadyal region: A 16-year old girl has been raped by three men from the Mohra Kanyal region. Two of the men have been arrested and are in Dadyal Police Station, the third one is currently on the run. The young girl who is said to be from a poor family, was kidnapped at 8am (school time) in the morning and was brutally raped by the three men till 3pm in the afternoon. 

The story has shocked the people of Dadyal and as one would expect, there is a lot of anger in the community. Dadyal Police is expected to punish the criminals in the most severe way possible. This is yet another attack on women in the region, once again demonstrating the need for an organisation that provides support for women that are being abused either physically or mentally. Their voices are full of pain but unfortunately they are being silenced - there is nobody to help or to listen to them. 

Sadly, women that are abused have nobody to turn to for help, and in some cases women have taken their own lives as a result of being oppressed by their own families. In the region, women are often not given their rights, they do not have a voice, whether it is a forced marriage or a rape, these criminal acts must be stopped as soon as possible. Change will not happen over night but a serious change in attitude is required, women deserve respect and rights and it is our duty as Muslims to ensure that they are given them.

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